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Bravo Software Group guarantees new features and enhancements 4 times a year on its major products. That way you know we are dedicated to the products you buy.


Current Versions

Current Versions Summary
Product Version Accpac Plus Sage Accpac Adagio
RemoteDesk & Add-ons 5.5 WSM v6.5,v7.0, AR, OE, IC v6.5,v7.0 OE 5.5 AR 5.5 
 IC 5.5
v 8.1 v9.0
EDI-PAC/2000 6.1, 9.0 8.1 See EDI-PAC OE 6.1 AR 6.1 
 IC 6.1
v 8.1 v9.0
Remote OE.Windows 5.4 See RemoteOE or RemoteDesk OE 5.4 AR 5.4 IC 5.4
ACCFAX 6.4a All versions N/A N/A
Remote Order Entry Dos 6.5a WSM v6.5,v7.0, OE, AR, IC v6.5,v7.0 See RemoteDesk or Remote OE.W N/A
EDI-PAC Dos 6.5a WSM v6.5,v7.0, OE, AR, IC v6.5,v7.0 See EDI-PAC/2000 See EDI-PAC/2000

If you discover you are running an earlier version of any of our products, please select from the above to discover feature additions or changes and upgrade pricing. We automatically send update notices via fax to anyone who is registered, if you did not receive the update notice please call so we can ensure you will be notified of any future changes. Thank-you for using a BSG product.

Where you see the word custom or discontinued, this means that any future upgrades, modifications, changes or fixes are quoted individually on a per customer basis.


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