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EDI-PAC/2000 Latest Version

Thanks very much for your support of our product.

Adagio Version 9.0

The following are the new features and enhancements to EDI-PAC/2000

  • A new option to incorporate the trading partner ID in the customer record and the ship-to code has been added to EDI-PAC. ship-to code has been added to EDI-PAC. This is useful in industries such as distribution where your shipto addresses for a customer are actually kept as individual customers in AR. So they have unique ST codes. In this case all shipto addresses from a buying group such as 123 Industries would have a customer code such as 123ABC. In this case 1 purchase order for Customer 123 comes in but there is 50 shipto addresses to make the shipments. This option will concatenate the Customer code (123) or Trading Partner ID to the ship to codes (ABC) in the PO to get a resulting code 123ABC. The code 123ABC is then the Customer number used on the new order going to accounting.
  • A new option was added for outbound orders - to show “completed lines” on the order as well an not shipped lines. In some cases the customer wants to see the complete order each time and what has been shipped.
  • An option was added to extract the old Adagio item formatting code from the item number. This was necessary for customer coming from Accpac DOS where the inclusion of the formatted numbers and sometimes unformatted numbers was used in EDI.
  • A problem with shipto addresses and shipto codes not appearing in Adagio was resolved. In addition, EDI-PAC will now include the shipto code as data going to Adagio OE.
  • This is a compatibility release for Adagio Receivables version .9.0.

Sage Accpac version 5.5.

The following are the new features and enhancements to EDI-PAC/2000

  • Sage Accpac version 5.5 compatible - Full compatibility with sage Accpac version 5.5 of OE, AR and IC.
  • User defined fields in Accpac Order Entry are now fully accessible for inbound processing. Two new inbound fields can be passed to the Order Entry header record in the optional fields section. There are two fields re-purposed in the EDIPAC ascii layout. These fields are in the HEADER record – HDR. They are the “Bill to Phone” offset 860 and the “Bill to Fax” offset 880. Each of these fields is 20 characters wide.
  • A new runtime option was added to suppress warning messages for “invalid unit of measure” where the program would detect an invalid or missing unit of measure for an item. Normally, the inbound file has the unit of measure in it. In some trading partner relationships, this is not consistently supplied and the warning would pop up for each detail line in the inbound file. This will suppress those times. The unit of measure is always set to the default for that item.
  • An adjustment to the ascii file header record was made to correct a problem. Offsets from these fields listed here have been adjusted by 1 character position.. The E2Klayout.txt file was and still is correct. The field offsets for these fields was being created with a 1 character difference from the E2Klayout.txt technote. Is some of these cases if any of your mapped fields was right at the boundary, you may have a correction to check in this version. The error was “Terms Discount %” was being written to offset 854 instead of 855 and so the remaining fields were off by 1. CHAR Terms Discount % ; I/S Bill To: CHAR Telephone 860 ; CHAR Fax 880 ; Ship To: CHAR Telephone 900 ; CHAR Fax 920 ; CHAR Price List Code 940 ; CHAR EDI Ship to Code 946 ; CHAR Reference 963 ;
  • Inbound Order Processing adjusted – A change in the processing of the creation of the Sage Accpac order batch for inbound orders was made. The Accpac business logic would reverse the sequence of order detail lines as they were given in the batch. The programs in EDI-PAC have been changed to reverse the sequence of detail lines as they are written to the ascii batch to compensate and have them in the right order in OE.

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