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    What is e.Business?

      e.Business represents the "digitization of business". While computing has been with us for over four decades, it has been used primarily as a crunching tool. Its main purpose has been data processing and warehousing. In the eBusiness world, the network and computing infrastructure becomes the driver of disruptive changes. This change creates a new environment for communication, interaction and transactions. Some quick examples of eBusiness applications include,, E*Trade. However, eBusiness goes beyond the web. In fact, some eBusiness applications may not even touch the web.

      For example: When a Stratus computer has a part failure, its fault-tolerant design does an automatic switchover to the redundant part. The system then "calls Stratus" electronically and places an order for the replacement part. The only time the customer knows that something is amiss is when the Fedex package arrives the next morning. This solution is a digital solution, but can be delivered digitally without the web infrastructure. (From Future Perfect by Stan Davis)

      The Canadian company PETtrac installs microchips in dogs and cats (4 Million and counting) as a way to recover lost animals. Over 17,000 pets have been recovered to date. It's a digital solution to the lost pet problem. LoJack for your pets! (From Blur by Stan Davis and Chris Meyer)

      Consider what Coca-Cola has done with its 800,000 vending machines in Japan. Normally, the machines are serviced by route drivers who, upon arrival, see that a machine is out of Diet Coke, Sprite, etc. What was not known is how long ago each ran out or whether there was a run on Sprite simply because frustrated Diet Coke drinkers opted for a second choice. New vending machines in Japan provide Coke that kind of information in real-time. Each machine is equipped with a microprocessor that communicates customer purchases back to a central distribution facility. Thus, as soon as the machine runs low it calls for more. In addition, Coke has demand data for each location by time of day - the ultimate in micro-market segmentation. (From Blur by Stan Davis and Chris Meyer)

      How do you get started?

        You already have! By contacting us, reading our literature, visiting our websites, and educating yourself so that together we can get you enabled.


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