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Our goal is to provide a quality reseller program that allows us to develop a close relationship with dealers, consultants and qualified installers so we can offer you special discounts, savings, pre-release notices, beta offerings, and priority technical support.


Partner Program Highlights

  • Top ten reasons to be a Bravo reseller!

    We have 4 different dealer programs. Choose which one is best for you!

    (1) Our Premium Partner program includes for one full year:

  • Electronic Commerce core product demos - RemoteDesk + e.Commerce, plus 1 other product of your choice!
  • Any future new Windows products that release - Remote OE.W and add-ons
  • All RemoteDesk add-ons and future releases
  • Additional 5% off regular posted Bravo dealer costs
  • 20% off client upgrades sold by you (Premium Program Only); 10% other programs
  • Compatibility, feature updates and PTF's
  • Priority technical support
  • Access to private dealer area
  • Seminar presentation files for use
  • Full-colour 20 page product catalogs for in-house and distribution
  • Marketing Hot Sheets - The How To Sell series
  • Special promotions
  • Monthly e-mail on product updates, new products, technical notes etc.
  • Corporate video to assist with sales (on request)
  • Free sales literature and promotional material
  • Free link to your web page from our web page or contact information listed
    All for only $795.00/year!
  • Target Market (TM) Programs:

    (2) RemoteDesk Suite of Solutions

      For dealers focusing on Remote solutions for ACCPAC Plus and ACCPAC Windows, we have the "RemoteDesk Solution Series" which includes RemoteDesk e.Commerce, all other add-ons, as well as the other applicable dealer program benefits, for only $495.00.

    (3) Electronic Solution Series for ACCPAC Plus

      For dealers focusing on ACCPAC Plus installs, we have the "Electronic Solution Series" for DOS bundle which includes ACCFAX, Remote Order Entry, & EDI-PAC as well as the other applicable dealer program benefits, for only $495.00.

    (4) EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) for ACCPAC

    • EDI-PAC/2000 - Electronic Data Interchange Interface for ACCPAC Windows, EDI-PAC - Electronic Data Interchange Interface for ACCPAC Plus demo, plus all other applicable dealer program benefits for $495.00

    And best of all - any Bravo Software program products you sell, you will receive a 10% credit (Premium Members) 5% credit (All other Members) towards next years renewal fee. Once you've joined the program, you may never have to pay again!

    And, once you have earned enough credits to pay for your renewal, all credits earned now start to come directly off the product. You could be earning 15% off posted dealer prices in no time (10% for all other members).
    (**Prices are subject to change without notice)

  • If you would like to receive the newsletter via e-mail please fill in this form or call, fax or email us.
    Phone: 416.694.6347

    FREE Evaluation Versions:

    • Mobile Solutions for ACCPAC for Windows and ACCPAC Plus
      • RemoteDesk - Remote orders and quote processing via Internet e-mail. Download an Evaluation Version for FREE!
      • EDI-PAC for ACCPAC Plus - Download an Evaluation Version for FREE!
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