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Bravo Software Group integrates to high quality accounting systems so that you get end-to-end satisfaction, from a remote source to the central accounting system.

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Adagio Integration

Adagio Accounting
Adagio Adagio accounting software is a series of professional accounting and business management tools specifically designed for small and medium size business and organizations with significant transaction volume.

This modular accounting system combines a batch interface that is easy to understand and control with online processing in order entry and inventory control. Additionally, Adagio accounting software provides dynamite-looking invoices, checks, and statements on blank paper. All this without being forced to use a mouse during data entry or any of the other accounting procedures...

Sales Order, Quote, and Web Shopping Cart  Automation

Remote Desk Defined

  • Remote Desk is a full-featured sales automation product and electronic commerce interface for ordering and quoting. It allows you to electronically connect customers, sales staff, distributors or branches to your central ordering system. With built-in communications via internet, e-mail or FTP, a central office can receive orders for direct processing into Adagio Accounting. Handles high volume ordering and keeps customers informed with updated price lists, and their customer profiles. Provides you with an efficient way to capture, process and manage sales orders from multiple sources.

RemoteDesk Benefits:
  • Receive orders electronically from web sites, Pocket PC handheld PCs, laptops, tablet PCs  and post them directly into the head office system.
  • Increase the speed and accuracy of order processing
  • Improve customer service, and reduce overhead by timely order processing, convenience and quick turnaround. Data Synchronization.
  • Reduce paper handling, inventory and labour costs.
  • Eliminate costly data entry errors.

Interfaces and Extras:

See all the details and get a free demo of RemoteDesk EC.

EDI Solution with EDI-PAC for Adagio

EDI-PAC/2000 Defined

  • EDI-PAC/2000 is an EDI integration and document management product for Adagio Accounting. It has simple to use menu functions to operate EDI communication, translation, importing and exporting between you and your trading partners. There is a user-defined menu to simplify all EDI tasks. Built-in code transactions for customer, item and ship-to codes. Integrates to an in-house EDI translator providing inbound and outbound document flows. Additionally, there is an online option that removes all of the setup, maintenance and EDI mapping headaches from your office. There is only EDI-PAC installed locally for complete Adagio Integration.

    See EDI-PAC details here :


    Adagio Add-on - Bravo Instant Export for Instant Quotes in Adagio

    Bravo Instant Export Defined

    • Bravo Instant Export was created to fill a need in companies where they need to track quotes separately from sales orders in Adagio. Bravo Instant Export gives them the ability to create a new Adagio Order Entry database for quote entry and tracking only and then be able to easily move the quotes to the live Adagio O/E database for full processing.  As a menu installed add-on, it is conveniently accessed.

      The product offers a unique order numbering feature that has three optional numbering methods. One - to permit the user to keep the quote document number and pass it to the accounting system; two – allow the user to enter an order number to be used; three – to use the next sequential order number in Adagio OE.

       See Bravo Instant Export details here :


    Special Adagio Add-on - Spreadsheet Price list Updater for Adagio IC


    Special Adagio Add-on - Automatic Offsite Backup to your FTP site


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